Telecommunications Solutions for Business

Service & Support

Your commitment to a formal Service and Maintenance contract will give you priority treatment and a response time of 4 hours or less. We hold all your service spares locally and these are only used for contracted customers. In addition, you enjoy a lower hourly rate for any non-contract related issues, and you have access to our trained Service Advisers for any advice or help you require on the operation of your system. We provide excellent levels of Service & Support and fault repair for all customers, however our contracted customers and sites are attended to first and receive priority treatment.

Our technical system experts are available to you for any complex network or system-related issues, please call! To speed up our response to you, in most cases we have installed a remote diagnostic facility in your system, which gives us the ability to remotely diagnose your faults, often before they become apparent to you. Please remember that often faults, which manifest themselves on your system or handset, are not system faults, but are in or caused by the network outside your premises, or even in your building cabling. We have the ability to diagnose such faults, and when you have a Service and Maintenance contract with us, we act on your behalf and get these fixed by the appropriate third party at no additional cost to you. Without your contract, you have to chase these up yourself.