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What does it all mean and how can it benefit your business?

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    What is the Cloud?

    When IT Marketing people refer to the cloud it can be very confusing. To put it simply, using the cloud in IT is replacing a lot of the onsite IT infrastructure by utilising Servers, data storage and applications on the internet. The main benefits for shifting to the cloud can be:

    • Potential cost savings by not having to purchase in house equipment
    • Maintenance of some equipment and applications in outsourced
    • Flexibility of where data can be access from and applications can be used (e.g. working from home).

    How does the Cloud work with Voice and Phones?

    A Cloud phone system (or Cloud PBX) is a system that sits somewhere on the internet rather than in your business. Cloud PBX providers host a system at their business or in data centres and the phones in your office connect to that system over the internet. Cloud providers claim that they can save you money by you not having to purchase equipment and they often bundle phone call costs in with your plan too. This is not always the case, and you need to do your calculations and due diligence as on premise systems can sometimes be just as affordable (sometimes even cheaper) over a fixed period of time. Don’t get fooled by crafty salesman with fancy graphs and spreadsheets.

    Speak to our team to get an honest opinion on what would best suit your business and budget. We are here to assist you and form a partnership, not just meet sales targets then run.

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP stand for voice over IP which in layman’s terms is using data networks for phone calls. Traditional systems used fixed wires from the telephone to a phone system in order to transmit voice. VoIP phones use data networks instead meaning many other transmission methods can be utilised to link phone calls such as fibre, wireless and the internet.

    And Unified Comms and Mobility?

    Unified comms is combining traditional voice based communications with other types of communications such as messaging, video, chat applications, emails, and other PC applications.

    Mobility in a phone system sense, is enabling users to be able to use traditional phone call technology in a different geographical location from their business.

    Speak with Satelco to see how we can help utilise some of these technologies to benefit your business. Our staff will come up with a tailored plan that suits your needs rather than just sell you the latest marketing spiel.