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NBN and Business Phones FAQ

All you need to know about the NBN and your business phones

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    Are New Satelco Phone / VoIP Systems NBN Compatible?

    The latest Satelco supplied telecommunication systems are 100% compatible with the NBN.

    If you are looking for a new system we will be happy to give you free advice on what you should be looking for when it comes to the NBN rollout.

    Will My Existing Phone System Work With NBN?

    Satelco supplied telecommunication systems are usually already compatible with the NBN. Speak to us before being misled into upgrading your perfectly working equipment.

    The government has released a warning about some of the NBN scams going around. For more infromation, visit ACCC : Beware of NBN Scams

    Will I Need To Change My Phone Lines?

    There may be some occasions where you are required to change your phone lines. If this is the case you should be given 12-18 months notice by your carrier. The notices given have been known to be misleading in some cases so speak to us before being locked into a deal you can't get out of. We can also ensure that the delivery method you choose will be compatible with your existing phone system.

    There are plenty of scams around and lots of dodgy sales people who have been conning customers into swapping their equipment on the premise that their existing one is not compatible. Don't be fooled, speak to us first.